Fun at the beach with this little one earlier today. ☺️ 4 days ago




In case you didn’t hear my side project ‘LIL PU$$Y.’

"Meow meow meow meow mother fucker."
I think this song might be tied with $waganomic$ for Mat’s best song… 

still my motherfucking jam

Mat and I sang part of this together the other day and he told me the back story to it and it was literally the highlight of my year so far (aside from London and everything…)

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Warped press

Getting real tired of these “photographers” (and by that, I mean people who know how to hit a button while the camera is set to Auto) being approved left and right for the dates of Warped that I requested.

This will be my 6th year shooting for Warped, and my 9th Warped in general. You’d think they’d take that into a bit more consideration. I’ve had my website for 7 years. You’d think that would matter to them. I guess not. I’m seeing people who seemingly aren’t even on assignment get approved. I look at some of these “photographers” Twitters and whatnot and see no links to their work, making me believe they somehow weaselled their way into doing press.

By definition, I am technically an amateur, sure. But since I have been doing this for 7 years, I don’t particularly consider myself one. I know that you have to start somewhere, and I’m grateful that Warped considered me when I started out as an unknown 15/16 year old, so I’m not saying these people shouldn’t be approved. I’m just saying that there should be a balance. Seasoned photographers know what to look for, while first-timers (much like myself many moons ago) follow the pack. Looking back on my photos from my first Warped assignment, they are awful. I didn’t know how to use the settings on my camera and all my shots were generic, with only maybe 5 that were worth anything.

Ever since Warped split with MSOPR, things have gotten worse with press. Things weren’t at 100% with them, but they were far better than who Warped has hired now, which seems to be in-house people. I have no idea what their criteria are and things are so much less personalized than they were. I just hope they get their shit together soon.

Oh, and just because you’re taking pictures at Warped does not make you a “Warped photographer.” That would mean that Warped has actually hired you as a photographer. No.

End rant.

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Until next time, Maine. 😘 (at Land’s End - Bailey Island, Maine) 4 weeks ago
Incredibly happy right now. New Jersey has nothing on Maine.  (at Mackerel Cove) 4 weeks ago